Grassroots History Books


Family associations are growing rapidly in popularity and books are the treasured heirlooms of choice for family history buffs. Walsworth can guide you through every step of the publishing process...from planning to book distribution.
Grassroots histories are made special by the folklore and stories of people who came before you. Many historical and genealogical societies have created a permanent and valuable record of their region by publishing a county or area history. Now is the time for you to embark on a worthwhile and financially rewarding book project.
Whether you are planning a city, county, business, fire, police, military, or church history, a topical history book is one of the best ways to preserve your heritage.
Walsworth will help you preserve your history with a book specifically designed for your group. The project begins by meeting your Walsworth representative to discuss details that will satisfy your individual needs.
Walsworth provides a custom-designed promotional brochure for every book to show our support for the printing project. The brochure can be as simple as a single sheet folded to mail or up to four pages with sample stories when doing a grassroots history
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