Quality History Books


Once you've started a history book with Walsworth, you can be assured that you will be bestowing a treasure on the citizens of your community. Many hours of effort will have gone into your publication. Many artifacts will have been collected, some which have never been previously published and will now be preserved for future generations. The photographs will reflect dozens of families and literally thousands of individuals and their descendants.
A Walsworth History book is more than likely a limited edition and one that will be treasured for generations. It will become a permanent addition to your heritage and will increase in value as time passes. It can also be a resource in local libraries and schools and can be referred to by future historians, genealogists and residents.
The design of your book visually unites the text and photographs to create a volume that is pleasing to the eye. Our experienced designers bring a philosophy of design that stands the test of time. Likewise, the content of your book is carefully manufactured and the critical elements of photo reproduction, paper stock and custom binding are guided by the highest publishing standards for quality and craftsmanship.
Walsworth provides a custom-designed promotional brochure for every book to show our support for the printing project. The brochure can be as simple as a single sheet folded to mail or up to four pages with sample stories and layouts. Talk to your Walsworth representative today to find out how they can put their experience to work making your next historical publication a success!
  • Set up appropriate fund-raising/financial plan for book project
  • Help design and print marketing flyers, forms, or brochures
  • Develop an overall concept for the book and suggest a specific outline or table of contents
  • Meet with the book committee on a regular basis to select and refine the contents of the book
  • Work with the committee to design a book cover
  • Provide sample design pages for approval before design is complete
  • Provide two complete sets of proofs before book is printed
  • Exceptional customer service throughout the printing process
  • Deliver a quality book in a timely fashion