Pictorial History Books


This is one of the easiest and most popular types of historical publications to compile. Whether you have a special archive of photographs or make a call for photos from your community, Walsworth can help design, print, and bind a beautiful, coffee table collectible. Every photo is reviewed individually, then scanned to achieve the best reproduction possible.

With today's technology, putting together a book just got a whole lot easier. Typesetting and page preparation at Walsworth is accomplished electronically using the latest publishing software. Whether you ask us to design your book from a prepared manuscript or finished camera-ready pages, Walsworth can produce a book to make both you and future generations proud.

Walsworth will help you preserve your history with a book specifically designed for your organization. The project begins by meeting your Walsworth representative to discuss details that will satisfy your individual needs.

Walsworth provides a custom-designed promotional brochure for every book to show our support for the printing project. The brochure can be as simple as a single sheet folded to mail or up to four pages showing sample layouts.

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